Welcome to GBM Botswana

The first official branch of Global Business Ministries International in Africa, the Botswana Branch is set to explode in many different directions.

Under the leadership of Apostles Les and Daphne Crause, Global Business Ministries International has been training and raising up leaders in the Body of Christ to go and build the New Church, according to the pattern that God has showed.

Many Fivefold Ministers have been trained and sent out to build their own ministries, and some of these have come from Botswana to be trained at our Headquarters in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

Now God has raised up a powerful ministry couple in the form of Moemedi and Lesedi Malindah to take the mantle that has been handed to them, and to extend the work of the Lord under GBMI in Botswana.

Moemedi Malindah

Having both qualified at both Bachelor and Masters Level in their studies at GBM Academy, this ministry team have been launched into the work, to go and set a new standard for the Body of Christ in Botswana.

Together with other leaders in Botswana who have also been trained by GBMI, they will spearhead a new move of the Lord in Botswana, and eventually also set up a local training school to equip those who have been called to the Fivefold Ministry.

Though they are only starting out small, this local branch of GBMI is set to grow rapidly and impact the country of Botswana, starting from Gaborone, where they are resident.

If you are living in or near them, you are welcome to contact Pastors Moemedi or Lesedi to find out more about their ministry and to receive personal counsel and direction.

You can find the necessary information on the Contact Us and About Us links at the top of the page.