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Reaching The World With The Gospel

Establishing of Local Churches

Establishing of Ministry Centers

Training and Placement of Fivefold Ministers

Becoming More Visible

Music Worship And Praise

Reaching The World With The Gospel

We cannot build a ministry by stealing people from other churches. We should be bringing in new believers and building with new bricks. To do this effectively certain procedures are essential as follows:

Interceding For The Lost

All true Evangelism should start with intercessory prayer. This allows the Holy Spirit to lead us to the right people who need the Lord and are ready to receive Him.

Being Ready to Witness

We should be prepared to share the Gospel at any time without anyone we meet. When you are ready and wanting to win the lost, the Lord will create opportunities for you.

Training Evangelists

Sharing the Gospel with others does not come naturally to most people. We need to train believers and show them how to share the Gospel correctly.

Follow-up Programs

You cannot birth a baby and then just leave it. Nor can you lead someone to the Lord and just leave them. There needs to be a correct follow-up program

Basic Teachings

New believers need to be given basic teachings, just as babies need only milk at first. So there needs to be a training program for new believers which introduces the basics and gives them a foundation of Bible teaching.

Establishing Of Local Churches

All believers should have a place to fellowship and belong to a spiritual family. This can only be accomplished by setting in place churches in a local area. The best place to start is in a home but this can grow into something larger.

Discipleship Groups

If you lead some people to the Lord, the best way to follow them up is to set up a discipleship group where you can share with them on a regular basis.

As they grow in the Lord, this group will become a local church, which can grow and expand. Encourage each one to invite friends and to share the Lord with them.

Home Fellowships

The best way to start a church is to invite people for a time of fellowship in your home. The early church met this way, and grew rapidly. We are told that the Lord added to the Church daily, those who were being saved.

When the group gets too large, it can be split and another home church formed. In this way, growth can come without the expense of finding a building.

Regional Meetings

When you have created many different home churches, you can invite them to all come together, perhaps monthly or every two weeks, and have a group meeting together.

You could hire a place to hold the meetings, and invite a special speaker, or preach yourself. This is how a larger local church is formed. But the growth continues in the home churches.

Establishing Ministry Centers

A ministry center is more than a local church. It is a place where ministers are trained and then sent out. This is a bit like the early Tabernacle in the wilderness. It was contained in the midst of the people and they all came to visit it for worship.

The ministry center should also include business activities in addition to the running of formal training schools. It is a place where the Fivefold Leadership work from, under Apostolic covering, and from which ministries are sent out.

Such centers occurred in the early church at Jerusalem and Antioch.

Ministry Training

Those who are called to the Fivefold Ministry should be trained. But instead of sending them to be trained elsewhere, they should be trained in the ministry center.

A ministry center can embrace a large region and provide sufficient resources and training for those who live nearby to attend full-time training courses.

International Centers

The largest region covered by a ministry center can be a country. In GBM we are setting up ministry centers in countries that we have reached through our training and ministry.

At present we have ministry centers in South Africa, Switzerland and Botswana. But we are looking to eventually have at least one such center in all the major countries of the world.

If you live in another country, have been trained by us, and wish to function under our covering, we would love to have you oversee a branch of Global Business Ministries in your country.

Visit Our Ministry Center in Switzerland

Visit Our Ministry Center in Botswana

Training And Placement Of Fivefold Ministers

Those called to the Fivefold Ministry need to be trained in their calling. And those who are called to a ministry office, such as in the Apostolic, Prophetic or Teaching offices, should be formally released into their office when they qualify.

This training takes place at three different levels:

Live Training

At present we offer live training classes at our headquarters ministry center in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. But the intention is to offer such training in all of our international ministry centers.

Live training classes allow personal interaction, discipleship, and impartation to those who are called to the ministry. This is far more than simply education. It is practical training for the call of God.

Distance Learning

To allow us to train students who do not live close by, we offer the same courses via a distance learning program. Video footage from live lessons is uploaded to the internet, allowing anyone to sit in on a lesson and receive full training.

Students can then submit practical projects via email, and receive mentorship via email and where necessary personal interaction on WhatsApp or even Skype.

Weekend Seminars

We often use Saturdays for live training sessions, as well as weekly lessons for some courses. But it can be beneficial to hold a full weekend training seminar where we can cover an entire subject from Friday to Sunday.

We like to have a graduation ceremony once a year for qualifying students, and this is usually combined with a weekend seminar. However, where there are five weekends in a month, we often take the opportunity to use the extra weekend for a special training seminar.

Fellowship, Covering and Licensing

Global Business Ministries is registered and established as an organization, able to provide what is needed to function in ministry in this world, as follows:


Those who qualify will be ordained to the work of the ministry by the laying on of hands.

Such ministers will then qualify to run their own branch of Global Business Ministries International.

Credentials And Licensing

Those who are ordained will be issued official credentials to carry with them as proof of ordination.

They will then be considered licensed Ministers of the Gospel working under the banner of Global Business Ministries International.

Fellowship and Practical Training

Regular fellowship meetings are held to provide a practical ground for the training of those who are doing GBM Training Courses.

This also provides a model of a local church as a pattern for trainees to follow.

Men and Women’s Fellowship

Sometimes men and women prefer to meet separately to address issues specifically related to the genders and their roles in the home.

These are encouraged and an opportunity provided for those who are interested,

Branches And Affiliates

Those who wish to run their own ministries not directly under the banner of GBMI may hold an affiliate relationship with GBMI.

These will be recognized as associate or affiliate ministries and will be recommended to those who may be in the proximity of such a ministry.

Affordable Training

GBMI does not believe in nor teach that the ministry should be supported by the tithing of the believers. We believe that tithing is an Old Testament practice required only by Israel and is not applicable to the New Testament Church.

Encourage Partners

We encourage those who wish to support the work to commit themselves to a monthly contribution according to what they can afford and how much the value this ministry.

All partners are rewarded by being given free access to materials and services that are normally charged for.

Increase Business Income

The vast majority of finance in the world is in the hand of unbelievers rather than the Christians. So the best way to provide finance for the running of the ministry is through business activities.

Even believers are willing to part with their money in order to obtain something of value.

Ask For Sponsors

Where prospective students cannot afford their training courses, we encourage them to find someone who is willing to sponsor them.

This alleviates us from having to carry the costs of training those who are financially impaired.

Establishing Business Enterprises

God’s pattern for the new church is to raise up those who are called to a more secular ministry, such as business enterprises, which provide income for the work of the ministry.

We use the following means for raising finance to support the work and the Fivefold Ministers who are engaged full time in their calling.


We publish all of our courses and teachings in well documented and laid out books. These are then made available for purchase online via our online bookshop.

Our ebooks are also available on and other online bookshops. This provides a small commission to assist in the running of the work.

Printed Books

We provide printed books made in South Africa via our live bookshop which is contained in our ministry center.

There are also editions provided by which are made on demand when ordered on amazon.

Some online booksellers such as will import our printed books from and provide them locally with the added cost of shipping and import duties,

Educational Programs

The team members of GBMI hold expertise in many secular activities, such as graphic design, web page design, programming and other skills.

These skills are made available as a business activity to raise additional income for those who wish to avail themselves of it.

So if you need graphics and design or help with setting up a website, we are able to help you do this instead of you having to go to the world.

Secular Business

Whilst most of our business activities involve the selling of ministry products such as books and training courses, we also encourage the setting up of business activities to the world to supplement the income for the ministry.

Such businesses are not independent concerns who donate into the work, but they are owned and run by members and staff of the GBM and therefore all income is poured into the work.

Becoming More Visible

In order to function and succeed in this world, we try to use all the resources that are available to us today. We have at our fingertips some things that could have greatly helped the early apostles and leaders to be more effective in spreading the Word.

The Internet

The internet has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for ministry. We discovered this when we were confined to a foreign country where we could not speak the language and were not allowed to engage in work activities.

By preaching into the camera and producing ministry resources such as video, audio, and ebooks, we were able to reach the World and minister to people in many nations.

Now we continue to reach the world this way, and our products are also made available to anyone anywhere who has access to the internet.

Social Media

Social media have now come to the forefront online in helping people to interact with each other and build new relationships. And although this is run by the world, we would be foolish to not take advantage of this facility to spread the Word.

We make full use of some of the major social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc where we are able to become more visible to the world and get the Word out to many new areas.

Ministry Contacts

As we meet people both locally and internationally via the internet, we are building ministry contacts to help spread the Word. And since word of mouth is still the best means of advertising, this enables us to become more visible and known everywhere.

Tv and Radio

These media have been there for some time, but are somewhat expensive to use, so they are at present a last resort, and wait until the needed finances are in place.

So much can be accomplished today by the internet alone, that these are not always necessary. But they can certainly boost this ministry once they become available.

Music Worship And Praise

Music, praise and worship are essential elements in any gathering of believers and an important part of our service to the Lord. Having a strong prophetic emphasis, this is also a large part of what we do in Global Business Ministries.

Here are some of the activities we carry out to make this effective.

Writing of Songs

The singing of songs in worship has been a big part of church meetings from the beginning. But often the same songs are sung in all churches, and they eventually lose their power and meaning.

To keep things fresh and alive, we there write our own songs and are continually adding to our regular song selection. Whenever there is a seminar or conference, we tend to write new songs for the occasion.

This not only brings a freshness to the worship, but also creates a kind of memory of the blessing of that event. Singing those songs again later, then stirs up some of the good feelings we experienced at those events.

Music Tutorials

Those who wish to learn to play musical instruments often have to use worldly courses and training, which are filled only with secular music. This does not encourage musicians to develop a habit of worshipping the Lord.

So we have put together some of our own music tutorials, which include good songs of worship and praise. And we show those who desire to play how to use this for the glory of the Lord.

Tutorials are available for the guitar, keyboard, and drums. So if you wish to learn one of these, we can help you to get going.

Worship Sessions

There is always a time of worship, not only in our local fellowship gatherings, but also before every school class session. This helps create a good atmosphere for the ministry of the Word.

Those who simply love to worship or would like to play instruments together are encouraged to come together for times of pure praise and worship in the presence of the Lord.

It is often at times like this that the Lord manifests His presence very powerfully, and this can result in some powerful prophetic ministry and motivation to go on with the Lord.