About Us

Moemedi Malindah (Pastor)

Gbm Botswana is the first local branch of Global Business Ministries to be established in another country in Africa.

Moemedi Malindah completed and graduated in the following school courses with our GBM Academy:

Bachelor in Pastoral Ministry
Bachelor and Master in Prophetic Ministry
Bachelor and Master in Apostolic Ministry

He was ordained as a minister of Global Business Ministries and placed into leadership in the Botswana Branch of GBM, where he stands as leader of this branch, under the Apostolic Covering of Apostles Les and Daphne Crause.

With much knowledge and practical training behind him, Moemedi is not only qualified to lead the work of the Lord in Botswana, but his humble, teachable spirit makes him a loving and caring Pastor and leader.

Having being placed into full Prophetic Office, he is able to function well in Prophetic Ministry and helping to set in place, those whom God has called to the ministry.

Lesedi Malindah (Assistant Pastor)

Lesedi Malindah, stands alongside her husband as a leader in her own right. She has completed the following degree courses with GBM Academy:

Bachelor of Prophetic Ministry
Master of Prophetic Ministry

With more of a business calling, she is able to provide a balanced approach to both the spiritual secular sides of ministry.

She was placed into Prophetic Office as a Business Prophet and is able to help those who are called to more of a business emphasis. And having had some experience in running her own business, she is able to help those who need help in this area.